All Terrain Hoverboard Buying Guide

All Terrain Hoverboard Buying Guide

With the technological evolution, the means of transport do not stop being revolutionized. This is absolutely the case with all-terrain hoverboards. Practical and robust, these electric vehicles are multifunctional. You can use them on different surfaces in the city or on steep paths. Also called a 4X4 hoverboard, this machine gives you the opportunity to venture into a park or to go to work. Discover in this guide 5 tips for choosing the right hoverboard cross or 4X4.

The power of the device

The first criterion to consider before buying your all-terrain hoverboard is its power, which is measured in Watts . There are 2 types of models including:

  • Children’s models: the device has a power of 500 Watts.
  • Models for adults: their powers can reach up to 800 Watts.

In general, the power of a hoverboard is 700 Watts. In this case, an off-road model must imperatively have a great power. Do not hesitate to check this detail before your order. The stronger its power, the more the device will allow you to face the most difficult terrain to cross.

With some models, it is even possible to climb slopes of more than 20 degrees. To find the best all-terrain hoverboard , make a comparison.

The speed of the device

For fast movement, it is advisable to choose a model with good speed. In general, their speed varies from 5 to 20 km/h. On the market you will find products that do not exceed 6 km/h while some have a speed of 12-15 km/h.

To experience a strong feeling, opt for a hoverboard that goes fast since you can drive at full speed on hard surfaces. To know if the machine reaches the maximum speed, it will emit a small sound or a light. It is also good to note that the hoverboard also has a speed limiter when crossing a slope.

Battery life

As the hoverboard runs on a built-in battery , you need to make sure you have chosen the best type of battery. With 44 Ampere-hours (Ah), it should have an average duration of 2 h 30/20 km.

For this, it is best to favor branded batteries such as Samsung or Panasonic or LG batteries. Indeed, their autonomy is more enduring and more durable. To find an all-terrain hoverboard with excellent autonomy, go to a recognized manufacturer. However, this parameter can vary depending on these 4 elements:

  • Battery capacity;
  • Engine power;
  • The weight of the user;
  • Speed ​​and driving style.

wheel size

To choose the right 4X4 hoverboard , it is advisable to favor a suitable wheel size. There are mainly 4 wheel sizes on the market, you just have to choose the model that meets your needs.

4.5 Inches

This type of hoverboard is designed for children under 6 years old with a lower weight of 20 kg.

6.5 Inches

A classic model usually has 6.5 inch wheels. Easy to carry, this model does not allow you to move over wide, smooth and flat areas.

8 inch

An 8 inch off-road hoverboard is ideal for flat terrain and paved roads since it is taller and thicker.

10 Inches

If you want to tackle rough terrain then 10 inch models are perfect for you. This type of all-terrain hoverboard gives you the ability to venture anywhere. Be aware that the large wheels are equipped with air chambers which help to absorb shocks .

Additional features of the device

Finally, to choose your cross hoverboard , its additional features should not be overlooked. Some models currently have Bluetooth functionality compatible with iOS and Android. Thus, you can connect your device with your smartphone to listen to music or to meet friends.

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