Greatest Talents in International Soccer

The NXGN lists was launched by GOAL in 2016. These lists allow you to identify the top young soccer talent. It’s as simple as looking for the best online bookmakers.

Let’s now take a look at the top young athletes who are leading the list of most promising players.

Jude Bellingham

Jude Bellingham, a BVB professional, holds the top spot this year. Only 18 years old, the Englishman joined BVB in 2020. He is known as one of the top midfielders worldwide. This young talent can set the pace at any level of European football. Bellingham’s ball control and self-confidence are impressive.

He is not inferior to previous title winners. This season, the number of assists and goals jumped. Manchester United did not make a convincing offer to top talent. It is possible that this top talent will leave Manchester United one day. If so, Liverpool and Chelsea could be in contention for him.

It is possible to assume that Bellingham will make a lasting impact on European and international soccer for many years, no matter which club he chooses.

Florian Wirtz

Many fans and pundits expected that when Bayer Leverkusen bought Kai Havertz from Chelsea FC for EUR85million, the club would subsequently invest a large portion of that money in a successor.

The club decided to hire Florian Wirtz from its youth department. The club saved a lot of money and chose to bring Florian Wirtz up to the pros. The 18-year old attacking midfielder scored 16 points in all competitions in his first season.

In mid-2020, he was also the youngest goal scorer in Bundesliga history. He is currently considered to be one of Europe’s most efficient offensive players. He is also a very good goal scorer and assister for his age.

A cruciate ligament tear is currently preventing the outstanding talent from signing. Bayern Munich, Manchester United and Real Madrid are all said to be interested in signing him. The club may eventually receive a higher transfer fee than Kai Havertz for top talent.


Luis Enrique created the Spanish team for Nations League in October. Anyone who searched the name “Gavi” on Google immediately saw a list of vaccination alliances. Gavi, a footballer, was also found in the search results. Gavi was quickly forgotten outside of Catalonia.

The 17-year old top talent was nominated and was also in the playing eleven for both games. Gavi’s meteoric rise is clearly evident in his ninth and eighth appearances at the Furia Roja.

Although there were many discussions behind the scenes about Gavi’s talent, no one could have predicted that he would become an integral part of the professional team so quickly. Gavi’s strengths include his exceptional ball-handling, game intelligence and self-confidence. His finishing and passing skills are also well above the average for his age group.

Jamal Musiala

Jamal Musiala will move from Chelsea FC to Bayern Munich in the 2019 summer. He was a young English international. He was physically inept and a near-breakthrough at the professional level was likely to be difficult.

The 19-year old became a key player for the German record-holders in the two-and-a-half seasons. Jamal did not just set many records but also earned a permanent spot in the German national team.

Musiala, who made his debut in the 2019/20 season of the Bundesliga, was the youngest Bayern player ever. He could be the successor to Thomas Muller based on his technique and confidence.

Harvey Elliott

It was widely believed that Harvey Elliott would take over the important role at Liverpool FC when the Premier League season began. As expected, there would be more appearances on the bench. Jurgen Klopp had other plans. Elliott, however, was in the starting eleven for three of the four opening games.

If Elliott hadn’t suffered the ankle injury in September, it is possible that Elliott would have been a regular player. However, the shooting star has made a comeback and was able score his first goal for club in February. Elliott is the Premier League’s youngest player.

Rayan Cherki

Rayan Cherki has been called the greatest talent at Olympique Lyon’s academy time and again. This is why it is so loud because it is where Karim Benzema, a four-time Champion League winner, learned his trade. The 18-year old playmaker is a true ball-slinger. Real Madrid has closely followed his growth for many years.

Cherki’s overall impression at the moment is still problematic. His decision-making and defensive skills are still poor. There are also suggestions that he spends too much time on the bench, despite his talent.

He has however, shown strong performances in previous appearances. These performances also secured five points for him in the Europa League. He is also evident in his talent with his four goals in the first three matches for France’s U21s.

Devyne Rensch

Ajax remains one of the most important talent hotbeds in soccer. Devynerensch is the latest star from this talent hotbed. He has been selected for both the Dutch first and Dutch national teams. Erik ten Hag’s 19-year-old right-back position was established by the youngster. Experts expect him to move to defense’s center in the future.

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