Mass gain: what is the “ectomorph” morphotype?

Mass gain: what is the “ectomorph” morphotype?

To keep the line and hope to lose weight, you must already have a balanced diet, sleep well or even not drink alcohol and smoke. This is the basis, but it is not enough: indeed, it must be accompanied by a sports practice since your body must draw on fat. In addition, as the muscles formed through sport consume a lot of energy, you will be able to lose weight without having to deprive yourself. We are going to focus today on the ectomorph physique which requires special care.

How to gain mass when you are ectomorph?

The word ectomorph is difficult to understand since if we look at its structure, it would mean “external morphology”. Rather remember that it refers to individuals who have a slender and thin physique. This translates into long arms and legs and low muscle mass over the entire body. An individual who has this morphotype will tend not to store a lot of fat due to their fast metabolism. This is why even when eating more than normal, it will hardly gain weight.

This can obviously have advantages when you want to keep a slender figure. On the other hand, this also means on the contrary that mass gain is much more difficult if you want to have a muscular body with nice shapes. We start with a smaller muscle mass than in other morphological profiles, so we will first have to accumulate it. This can take time since muscle fatigue in the ectomorph occurs quite quickly, which then requires a lot of determination.

We therefore advise you to go gently and to favor exercises with high muscular tension. That is to say push-ups or pull-ups to name the best known. Then, do not hesitate to have a diet rich in carbohydrates and proteins while trying to eat a balanced diet. Courage, you will get there!

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