Our tips for recovering well after a marathon

Our tips for recovering well after a marathon

marathon is a sporting activity that makes you expend the maximum of your energy . Recovery is therefore the phase during which your body recovers from intense effort. After a sport as intense as the marathon, many weeks or even months for others are necessary to recover and be ready to face new challenges. In this article you will find tips for a good recovery after a marathon .


rest well

After a marathon, it is very important to take time to rest and sleep well for restful sleep. For your greatest good, you must also take care of the quality of your mattress. The Emma brand mattresses will prevent you from back pain , for example, and ensure you a good night’s sleep to recover as quickly as possible and attack the day in great shape. Your muscles need time to regenerate, which is why you must absolutely avoid training the days following your marathon session. It is advisable to resume your training gradually so as not to rush your body.


Eat balanced

balanced diet rich in eggs, dairy products, fruits and vegetables is ideal to help your body get rid of toxins accumulated during the marathon. To this diet, you can add carbohydrates to replenish your body’s reserves. Above all, you must avoid eating fatty foods that are difficult to digest so as not to feel unwell.

To drink a lot of water

During a marathon, your body can lose up to 5 liters of water. You should therefore drink plenty of water in small sips after your marathon to prevent your body from becoming dehydrated. You can also drink fruit juices or recovery drinks or energy drinks to alleviate dehydration . It is strongly advised not to consume alcoholic beverages as they can burden your liver and slow down the detoxification process .


Take a cold and hot shower

Alternate a cold and hot shower after a marathon, it will do your body a lot of good. Cold water will help relieve muscle pain that can cause muscle soreness and hot water will stimulate blood circulation and relax tendons and muscles for better recovery.


Temporary cessation of intense sports

You must recover as many days as the kilometers you covered during your marathon. After 5 to 10 days of intense recovery , follow up with gentle sports such as  running , cycling, swimming, resistance training or even walking before starting your actual training  again .


Do stretches

Do small stretching sessions on the days following your marathon to gradually relax your muscles. These stretches will allow you to relax and soften your muscles. You should definitely include this in your post-marathon recovery plan to promote relaxation of your muscles and mental and physical relaxation .



Massages are very useful and rather pleasant for a good recovery after an intense sport like the marathon. Book two to three massage sessions with your physio the days following your marathon to speed up your recovery process . These massage sessions will prevent you from cramps and aches as well as the inflammation of your muscles.



In the days following your marathon, you need to listen carefully to your body for faster and more efficient recovery . Know that the recovery process is unique for each individual and each of you should be able to interpret the signals your body is sending you. A better recovery will save you from possible injuries and you will feel in good shape to face a new competition. Follow our tips and put them into practice to hope for a good recovery after a marathon .


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